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Getting the perfect mattress for you is essential for a night of good sleep. Since this is an investment that can’t be done every day, you should make sure that it is done right the first time. However, many people don’t put a lot of thought into the buying process and end up making the wrong mattress choice. 

So how do you make the right purchase decision? The first step is identifying your family’s needs. Is there anyone with a back issue? How long will you be using it every day? Are you looking for a firm backrest or would you prefer a soft one? The Top Mattresses would check all your need boxes.

But if that didn’t help you, here is our mattress buying guide that will ease you through the buying process:

Things to Consider while Buying a Mattress

mattress buying guide

#1. Mattress Size 

You must definitely start from the most obvious; the mattress size and dimensions. Your mattress must be comfortable even for the tallest member of your family and must be spacious to accommodate everyone who will be using the Top Mattresses. Often buying a mattress that is not wide enough would lead to cramming and a night of uncomfortable sleep. An ideal size would be one that allows all the occupants to turn in the bed and lie flat without disturbing the next person. Ideally, for two people, a double bed mattress would be perfect.

#2. Dimensions

While the dimensions are clear cut and predefined, the most popular types of sizes are the Bunk bed size (39″ X 75″), Single bed mattress (36″ X 75″), Double bed (54″ X 75″), Queen size mattress (60″ X 78″), and the biggest of them all the King size (72″ X 85″). Leading mattress brands like Wakefit would also let you opt for a custom size mattress based on your bed size.

#3. Budget

The mattress price matters a lot if you are looking for a specially designed mattress for your family. If you are working on a budget, go for brands like Wakefit that let you pick both, quality as well as comfort at an affordable price. 

#4. Comfort

comfort mattress

This would depend on various factors like your sleeping posture, back health, the overall weight of the users, and the temperature of the material. Based on your need, you can choose between:

  • Coir
  • Innerspring
  • Foam
  • Latex
  • Hybrid

Generally less heavy people can opt for a thinner mattress, and heavier people should go for one that is at least 10 inch or above.

To conclude,

While buying the right mattress is no rocket science, we often tend to overlook its importance while purchasing. Your Top Mattresses is going to define your sleep for at least the next 5-10 years, and it is crucial that you give a lot of thought into it before you make the purchase.

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