Which kind of Mattresses are Durable And Also Light On Your Pocket?

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Shopping for a new mattress can be exciting, especially if you are shopping for it after a very long time. The prospect of sleeping on a brand new mattress can male anyone happy. You are going to experience a whole new level of comfort and cosiness once it arrives. So it’s difficult to hold back the enjoyment. There are so many different kinds of cheap mattresses online which you can buy. From memory foam to latex, manufacturers use a wide range of materials to design and create the mattresses.

Each mattress helps an individual to enjoy a wonderful experience while sleeping. A lot of factors influence the overall comfort and quality of the mattress – size, material used, material quality, design, etc. That is why you should choose a full-size foam mattress only after thorough research and consultation. It must be kept in mind that there is no “one fit for all” mattresses available in the market.

Are you planning to buy a new mattress? But confused about which one to choose? Then you have to take a look at our list. We have jotted down the most durable yet affordable mattress that you can buy in 2020. Check them out.

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Most Durable Yet Affordable Mattresses

By reading about the most durable yet cheap mattress online, you are going to find it easier to choose the right product. We have listed 3 of the best mattresses that we believe offer the best value for money service for years.

Innerspring Mattress – the innerspring mattress is probably the most popular type of mattress that is not only durable but affordable as well. As the name suggests, an innerspring mattress is made of a system of springs and steel coil. It helps to deliver great support and bouncy feel. These mattresses are usually connected to a single unit. The quality improves if there are more springs available in the system. The total number of springs determines the overall comfort and quality levels of this mattress.

An innerspring mattress is available in different kinds of densities. So, you can adjust it based on your preferred sleeping position. Innersprings are cheaper than most other kinds of mattresses like memory foam or water bed variants. The average lifespan of an innerspring mattress is near about 12 – 15 years if maintained properly.

Memory Foam – memory foam mattress in India is really popular and often the first choice for many sleepers. The most unique feature of memory foam mattresses is viscoelastic. When you sleep on it, the material can envelop around your body, offering the best support. As soon as you get up, it comes back to its original shape. That is why you feel more comfortable and there is a good amount of pressure relief. Ir helps to reduce pain at the neck, back and shoulders as well. Memory foam, however, is not heat resistant and that is why it can trap heat faster than others. Making it a great choice during the winters but not in the summers.

Memory foam mattresses are also resilient to different kinds of allergens. So you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions. It’s the ability to absorb energy and isolate it, helps you to sleep when your partner moves on the bed.

Natural Fiber Mattress – a lot of people prefer to use natural fiber mattresses rather than memory foam mattresses in India. It is not only because natural fiber is more durable, but is also affordable than synthetic mattresses. These mattresses are usually made of different organic materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and coconut coir. It is the eco-friendly option that discards the use of chemical infused materials. If you are health conscious and cannot stand the bad odor of chemicals, then natural fiber mattresses are a great choice. You can choose your preferred density, size, and design of the natural sized mattress always.

The mattress price online of naturally based products are affordable and easily fits in your budget. When compared to memory foam, a lot of brands offer you natural fiber mattresses at budget-friendly prices. The average lifespan of these mattresses can be around 12 – 15 years.

So, these are the top mattresses that we believe can offer you the best service at the best price. Make sure to check the mattress price online and shop for them from the top brands in India.

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Final Words – sleeping on a good quality mattress can help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Purchasing a premium mattress is similar to making a long term investment on a particular asset. It is going to serve you for a long time and help your body rest in the best possible way. If you want to buy a full-size foam mattress, then you have a lot of options to choose from. Don’t forget to check them out.

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