Why the price is a factor when buying a mattress

buying a mattress

When trying to find the best mattress online, one is likely to focus on many features, such as comfort, firmness, support, hypoallergenic quality, motion isolation, spinal alignment etc. But one thing that does seal the deal for the sleeper is the mattress price when you buying a mattress.

One cannot overlook the price of the mattress when investing in it. A cheap mattress that offers all the qualities that we spoke of just now, does it even exist? After a lot of research, we have discovered that there are some amazing options available in the market.

There are mattresses that provide natural spinal alignment and motion isolation, some that prioritize hygiene and freshness and offer an attractive mattress warranty. In today’s list, we present you some of the mattress brands that click most of the boxes of comfort, support and freshness, while also being economical. 

Best mattress brands online

orthopaedic mattress
  1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 

This mattress from Wakefit is an orthopaedic mattress, designed to look after your back. The mattress has advanced zonal support that lets your shoulders to sink in while your hips remain elevated.

As a result, when you sleep, your spine maintains its natural alignment and is not bent in any weird way. It distributes your body weight in such a way that the heavier parts get more support while the lighter parts are given adequate firmness. This reduces pressure points and soreness in the body and gives you a good night’s sleep. 

The Ortho mattress from Wakefit is under ₹8000 and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. 

  1.  Sleepyhead Flip

Sleepyhead’s Flip, a high density foam dual-sided mattress comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The mattress is medium-firm on one side, while on the other side it is medium-soft. Depending on your support preferences, you can pick a side.

This is of great advantage if you are purchasing the mattress for your guest room. Your guests, depending on their individual sleep needs, can pick which side they would feel more comfortable to sleep on. 

  1.  Comforto Duplex

This four-inch dual comfort mattress is another great option when looking for a cheap mattress that is also comfortable. The mattress has a very plush cover because of which the sleeping experience is great. The mattress offers a warranty of 11 years. It has a smooth surface and its layers give you good support. 


best budget mattresses

Buying a mattress need not be a very difficult task. You are investing in something that is going to help you improve your health. If the process itself gives you stress, then what is the point. To help you thus, we have compiled this list of the best budget mattresses. Hope you find it helpful. 

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