How To Get A Good Cheap Mattress

good cheap mattress

Are you looking for a mattress that not only measures up to the A-list standards of luxury, comfort and support but also comes at an economical price? Is it even possible to get a Good Cheap mattress like that? Yes, it is, and we are not saying it just to make you happy; we have arrived at that conclusion after comparing several online mattress brands and their mattress offers.

We have gone through different types of mattresses, their prices – double size mattress price, queen size mattress price, king size mattress price etc., and then created this list of mattress companies that offer some of the best mattresses at an affordable price. 

mattresses at an affordable price
  1. Wakefit mattress 

Wakefit mattress is a favorite among customers from all the reviews that we have read online. Their orthopedic memory foam mattress especially is a winner with its features, such as motion isolation, temperature control, body conforming, body weight distribution, hypoallergenic quality etc.

Sleeping on this mattress means not waking up with pain in your shoulders, hips or neck. This is because the mattress uniformly distributes your body weight so that no pressure points are created.

The mattress also ensures that your spine remains naturally aligned when you sleep, thus alleviating your back pain and also correcting your posture. 

  1. Sleepwell mattress 

A very old brand, Sleepwell had to be on our list. They have several mattresses in the budget mattress choices they offer.

The Dual Comfort mattress for instance comes with two types of firmnesses. While one side is medium soft, the other side is medium firm.

Therefore, you can choose which firmness to go for depending on your personal sleeping preference, the climate of the place, and whether or not you have any back issues.

The side with more firmness is constructed with rebonded foam and the side that is softer is created out of comfort foam.

The only problem with the mattress is that the brand’s claim of bringing relief to people with back pain has been questioned time and again by customers, especially by older sleepers. 

  1. Shagun mattresses 

Creating mattresses that are cheap and yet offer quality sleep, Shagun mattresses have made it to our list.

The best features of their mattresses according to their customers include good firmness that suits all kinds of sleepers in terms of sleeping position, budget-friendly (which is why it is on this list!), customization of size, and light-weight which makes them easy to move around and shift from one room to another or one place to another. 

Though a good choice, some of the sleepers have complained about lapses by the brand in maintaining the quality standards. Some also say that these mattresses are not very durable, which is concerning. 


This post talks about mattress brands that offer a sleeping product that is both good quality and affordable. What mattress are you currently using? Would you like to review it for us? The comment section is all yours! 

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