3 Mattress Types That Provide The Best Value for Money

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What your body deserves more than anything else is a good night’s sleep. The quality of your mattress is often the determining factor in this case. The softness or firmness, the thickness and its motion isolation ability make it a great mattress or a rather bad one.

Investing in a good mattress is an investment in your good health. Sleep is a major factor for keeping you in great shape as well as ensuring that your mental health is good.

When it comes to buying a mattress, there are a few types of mattresses that would make for the best value for money. Here are our top 3 picks –

Coir Mattress

The traditional Indian mattress, this type of mattress is made of coconut coir and is completely natural.

These mattresses are firm and are great for back support. They are affordable and are generally great value for money purchase.

However, they are not very durable and have a lifespan of 4-6 years at the most. The coir can start to thin and ultimately sag. However, being all-natural, these mattresses barely ever trap heat and are extremely good for hot sleepers.

Spring Coil Mattress

If bouncy, soft mattresses are your choice, a spring coil mattress might be perfect for you. They are generally constructed with either a network of interconnected springs or individual springs topped with a few layers of foam.

These mattresses are not great for motion isolation, and if you or your partner move a lot in your sleep, it might not be the best mattress for you. However, the pocket or individual spring mattresses are good for motion isolation.

They are slightly more expensive and can last anytime between 5-8 years depending on the quality and the usage of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

For someone who loves to sleep with a feeling of sinking into the mattress, a king size memory foam mattress is the best choice.

It is made with multiple layers of foam and is great as an orthopaedic mattress.

king size memory foam mattress

It is the perfect mattress for those with back and spine ailments as it is designed to give your body the maximum amount of support. As you sleep on it, the mattress takes the shape of your body and lets you sleep in peace.

It is also a good motion isolation mattress as the material does not allow motion transfer. So, if you move too much in your sleep, this mattress could be a good choice.

In Conclusion

With online mattress purchase being an easy and accessible process, you can browse and find the mattress that best suits your sleeping needs.

We suggest that you consider your budget, any ailments as well as the durability of a mattress before you invest in any of them.

Now that you have an idea of the value for money options in the mattress market, go and make that mattress purchase that you had been putting off!

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