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If you ever visited the internet to buy mattress online, you would acknowledge how confusing it can get sometimes. There is so much information available that choosing the most appropriate one becomes troublesome. When it comes to something so personal, you never know if you will ever get what you really need. Moreover, almost all websites would ask you to shell more to get premium-quality mattress For Affordable Price.

This article aims to bust the myth surrounding mattress price and arm you with the right tips you would need to buy a high-quality king or queen size mattress at the most affordable price.

What are Layers in a Mattress?

Almost all modern-day mattresses consist of three layers. They are:

  1. Comfort Layer
  2. Support or Transition Layer
  3. Base Layer

The price of a mattress depends on the quality of materials used in these three layers. Before finding the best cheap mattress online, check which of the following materials has been used to manufacture the mattress.

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is the best for people with back and joint pain. It adjusts itself according to the requirements of the sleeper and is perfect for a peaceful nap or even for an entire night.

2. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses use steel or other metals liberally to prepare coils. These coils are placed side by side below the comfort layer. Although the initial days on an innerspring mattress can be very soothing, as soon as it starts getting old, the metal’s stiffness becomes a matter of concern.

3. Latex

Latex is naturally extracted from rubber trees and is one of the most durable and soft materials for a mattress. However, the price of a king or queen size latex mattress can be beyond the reach of many mattress buyers.

4. Polyfoam

A viscoelastic mattress with polyurethane foam or polyfoam combines the advantages of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses at a price much cheaper than the other alternatives.

price of a king or queen size latex mattress

Must-Have Features of a Top-Class Mattress at the Most Affordable Price

The ultimate mattress you decide to buy online must have the following features:

1. Medium-Firm Comfort Layer

Unlike firm or squishy comfort layers, a mattress with a medium-firm comfort layer supports your spine by distributing pressure evenly.

2. Zippable Cover Material

A cover helps to retain the luster of the mattress. Choose one with a high-GSM and dense fabric cover to make the glory of your mattress permanent.

3. High Resilience Foam Base

A high resilience foam base increases the elasticity of the base layer and increases its longevity.

4. CoolFit Foam

An open-cell CoolFit foam allows air to pass freely within its layers. This helps in keeping the mattress cooler than other mattresses, even during hot summer months.

 CoolFit Foam


Before buying the best cheap mattress online, check a few mattress websites, and try to compare the mattresses based on your requirements and the price you are willing to pay. Once you have done your research, the actual purchase becomes much easier, considering that you already know what you want.

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